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Salt and Sour - Page 2 of 6 - Cooking with my little one!

Vettu Cake!

During childhood, sunday evenings were always spent in front of the TV watching Doordarshan movies. All the homework and assignments for the next week would be finished by sunday afternoon. Evening movies and the cartoon Jungle Book was not a thing to miss. Also, my amma would make nice snacks for the movie time. She made cutlets, noodles, diamond cuts,… Read more →

Easy and Yummy Skewers ( Stove Top)!

This is one of our family’s favourite evening snacks. The lip smacking taste and goodness of all the veggies and the marination makes them irresistable. I make them of different kinds depending upon the availability of ingredients in my pantry. Vegetarians can use paneer and non vegetarians can use chicken to make these skewers. Either way, it is a treat… Read more →

Ulli Theeyal!

I did not have much love for ulli theeyal before I came to Singapore. But when something which was easily available suddenly becomes unavailable, the demand will gradually increase. Later I felt my hidden love for theeyal and the craving kept on increasing day by day.  I was a beginner in cooking and it was difficult for me do all… Read more →