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Lekshmi Hari, Author at Salt and Sour

Author: Lekshmi Hari

Naadan Varutharacha Chicken Curry / Chicken Curry with Roasted Coconut Gravy!

  Veggie lovers, please excuse me this time. I have come with a chicken recipe on demand. ☺ We made some important decisions regarding food and cooking during our previous vacation. We decided not to use much cooking oil and to choose really good ones for cooking. Likewise, another was about buying chicken. We decided to buy the good old… Read more →

Fresh Anchovies Special Fry!

  I am now enjoying my yearly vacation in India. Kitchen is out of my ‘ to-do’ list nowadays. No entry to the kitchen except for those unstoppable temptations to experiment something new in the kitchen with locally available (rare to find in SG) goodies. Totally engaged and happily busy, I do not even check for updates in facebook or any… Read more →

Beef Dry Fry!

Wishing All Our Readers A Very Merry Christmas & A Prosperous New Year !! The dry beef fry which we get from the thattukadas of kerala is something special to eat. During our vacations, we always plan atleast one trip with our friends to some place in trissur or around. And that will be an evening to remember until the very next vacation.… Read more →