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Gulab Jamuns with Milk Powder! - Salt and Sour

Gulab Jamuns with Milk Powder!


I am adding a sweet recipe to the blog after quiet a long time. I believe, gulab jamuns are the best for come backs! This a quick and lovely jamun recipe. Hope you all will love it.

These are the ingredients for gulab jamuns! This makes about fifteen to twenty gulab jamuns.

  1. Milk powder- 1 cup
  2. All purpose flour- 3 tbsp
  3. Baking soda- 1 pinch
  4. Ghee- 1tsp
  5. Water/ milk- 2tbsp or less.
  6. Sugar- 3/4 cup or less
  7. Water for syrup- 1 cup
  8. White rose essence 4 drops / 4 cardamom pods – for flavouring the syrup as needed.
  9. Oil for deep frying the jamuns


  • Making the dough is important. Add the milk powder, baking soda, ghee, all purpose flour and milk/water to a deep bottom bowl. Remember to add water little by little. Mix with your finger tips. Do not knead too much. Do not use your palm for mixing, just use finger tips. Once everything starts sticking together, stop mixing. Add more flour if necessary. 
  • This dough will be just a little sticky. 
  • Let it rest, covered for some 20 mins.
  • Later, grease your palm and make small smooth  balls out of the dough. These balls should be small than a gooseberry and little more than a pea. The jamuns will become soft, big and spongy after dipping in the syrup.
  • Let these dough balls rest undisturbed for 10 mins.
  • Deep fry them in hot oil until they turn brown in colour.
  • For the syrup, add sugar, water and essence/ cardamom in a thick bottom pan. Keep the syrup boiling in low flame.
  • Put the fried jamun balls one by one into the syrup while it is still on flame. Now, switch off the flame. Let the balls absorb the syrup for a while. 
  • Serve hot or chilled. 

Few tips to make it look and taste better:

  • You can also take the gulab jamuns out of the syrup and coat them wih sugar dust before serving(with out any syrup). 
  • You can add saffron to the syrup which make it colourful and flavourful.
  • Another idea is to place some crushed nuts or raisins (if you prefer) inside the jamuns before frying. 
  • Serving with dried pistachios adds to the luxury of the jamuns!

Enjoy cooking!

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  2 comments for “Gulab Jamuns with Milk Powder!

  1. October 28, 2015 at 6:46 am

    great recipe….Thanks for this….I have sweet tooth always..cant wait tot try this 🙂

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