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Home made Ellunda (Nutrient packed sesame seed balls) !

Home made Ellunda (Nutrient packed sesame seed balls) !


Ellunda is almost everyone’s favourite. The store bought one’s that we get are mostly made of jaggery and white sesame seeds. But this recipe is about a more healthier version, which is made with black sesame seeds and palm jaggery. While amma made this during our childhood, my brother and me would be sitting beside her, patiently waiting for her to make the next ball so that we could hurry to see who grabs it first. Most of the time, she had to stop us from eating it too much as too much of anything is bad for tiny tummies. 

This time, when amma came to visit us last month, she brought along  two small packets of black sesame seeds and  a packet of palm jaggery to make these little wonders. I asked her what reminded her of these ellundas which she used to make for us a long while ago. I was surprised when she said:”ksheenam undennu paranjille, anne vaangi vachathaa” ( which means, “few days before you said you were anaemic, then itself I bought this to bring it to you”). Mother’s love.. why explain?!

This is a very easy recipe, tastey too. But more that that, it is super healthy. It is rich in iron too. If the ingredients are available and you really want to make it, this does not take much time to prepare.

What you will need..

  1. Sesame seeds- 250gms
  2. Palm Jaggery- 1 medium sized ball
  3. Elaichi for flavouring

How to prepare..

  • Make a pan slightly hot. Put the sesame seeds into the pan and make it warm. Just warm.
  • Put the warm sesame seeds in a blender.
  • Grate the Palm Jaggery and add it to the blender.
  • Blend this in the mixer using the pulse option until the sesame seeds gets crushed and starts becoming little moist, so that you can easily make balls out of it.
  • Add powdered cardamom/ elaichi for flavouring.t
  • Mix well with hands and make small bite sized balls out of it. 
  • Looking for more sweetness?? Add more palm jaggery. But, too much sweetness will spoil it. 

These ellundas will harden in few hours. But not as hard as the store bought ones. This is ultimate goodness.

Enjoy cooking!



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