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Banana Fritters with Dates Filling! - Salt and Sour

Banana Fritters with Dates Filling!



Whenever we come back to Singapore after the vacation in India or when someone visits us from India, we make sure that we have brought along some raw naadan Nenthra pazhams( a kind of banana) with us. In Singapore, it is not common to find Nenthra pazhams in the local shops.  So, our  kitchen cupboards will mostly be occupied by these bananas atleast for a week post vacation. I think, in a way it extends the memories of good old vacation days in kerala. As days pass by, they ripen so much and normally I finish them off by making pazhamporis for tea, almost every evening.

Last time also, we brought some with us. As expected, the last two was too ripe that I thought would make some final round of pazham-poris( ripe banana fritters). My hubby loves them. Immediately I got another crazy idea. It luckily turned out to a crowd puling recipe and here it goes…

  1. You will definitely need 2 ripe bananas steamed and smashed.
  2. All purpose flour or maida.
  3. Dates seedless.
  4. Nuts and raisins for filling
  5. A pinch of salt.
  6. Oil for deep frying.                                                  

 You can appropriately change the filling based on the availability of dates. You can replace it with any sweet filling. Caramelising grated coconut with enough sugar and seasoning it with cardomom would be a better option. Just let your foody thoughts fly.

Let us see how to get this done.

  • Make a dough using the steamed & smashed bananas and one cup of all purpose flour. Add salt to taste. This would be sticky. Never mind.
  • Take the seedless dates, make a slit and fill it with the filling. Nuts and raisins in this case.
  • Now, grab a small ball of batter and cover the dates with it.
  • Dust with more flour. Now it has a shape. LOL
  • Deep fry in any cooking oil.

You cant even imagine the wonderful taste until you really make some. Better than pazhampori .

Take the risk. Try making some. You will love them.  Enjoy!


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